Akin Hall Association Annual Meeting of Members

Sunday, September 18, 2022



The Akin Free Library
278 Old Quaker Hill Road
Pawling, NY 12564


Please Join us for our annual meeting on September 18th at 4 Pm at Akin Free Library. There will be a brief business meeting reflecting the activities of the Association over the past year. Following the business meeting, there will be a presentation by Carl Mehling, Paleontologist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. 

Carl Mehling has been at the American Museum of Natural History since 1990 and is currently a Senior Museum Specialist taking care of the world’s largest collection of dinosaur fossils, plus fossils of early synapsids and tetrapods, pterosaurs, crocodiles, turtles and marine reptiles. He is interested in all aspects of paleontology, especially the fringe areas that normally get little attention, including bizarre modes of fossil preservation, anomalous discoveries, and oddities within the history of paleontology. Carl collects fossils of all kinds, globally, and has written or edited a number of pieces on fossils, both scholarly and popular. He enjoys rescuing historical paleontological ephemera as much as he does the actual fossils, and reuniting them to fortify the value of both is one of the most rewarding endeavors of which he can think. In his spare time (aside from fossils) his interests include linguistics, lettering, wordplay, and food in all of its various forms.

Ongoing projects currently keeping him busy and enthralled include an attempt to collect fossils in every state in the US and on every continent. He’s currently at 36 states and 5 continents. He is also working on a biography of a dinosaur hunter that dug for the AMNH from 1934-1940: Roland Thaxter (R.T.) Bird. As a dinosaur-hunter-hunter, Mehling fervently excavates historical records for the “fossils” they preserve and visits the sites worked by this extraordinary collector. The hunt takes him to archives, fossil collections, badlands, mines, homesteads, and into a past seemingly not remote enough to be as different and exciting as it is.

Carl is an engaging and passionate speaker and will talk of his research into the fossil specimens in the Gunnison Museum of Natural History.

Children are welcome.

A reception will follow the meeting.