2023 Scholarship Awards

Each year, Akin Hall Association awards $50,000 in scholarships to Pawling students who excel in their academics, devote time in their busy schedules to community service,
and need assistance to further their academic goals. Students who submit applications and essays are evaluated on their academic achievements, school and community activities, leadership experience, volunteer
service, and financial need. Betsy Brockway chairs the committee which chooses the awardees from the pool of applicants.

In 2023, the following graduates received awards from Akin Hall Association, and began their higher learning in fall of 2023 at the adjacent institutions.
Magnolia Garbarino, University of Tulsa
Caroline Grande, Syracuse University
Madalyn Henke, University of South Carolina
Ella Housen, Bard College
Kara Maston, Coast Guard Academy
Gabriela Ramon, Marist College
Heidi Bekkelund, North Carolina State
Julianne Hickey, University of New Hampshire
Rosemary Notaro, SUNY Binghamton

The students received their awards at a reception at Akin Free Library on June 17. The reception was followed by the Akin Hall Association’s “Moveable Feast” which features dinners at local resident’s homes, which raises funds to support the scholarship award.