FULL SCHEDULE: Artists Out Loud Artists Exhibit and Talks

Opening Reception November 3 @ 1:00pm
Exhibit runs November 3rd through December 1st
Hours: Saturday & Sundays 11am – 5pm
Artist Talks every Sunday @ 1:30pm

Combining an eclectic group of creators, Artists Out Loud, a new program of the Akin Library, will debut on November 3rd with a month long show featuring seven artists. The varied group includes Donna Castelluccio (fiber), Shelley Dell (watercolors), Rick Gilstad (folk art), Lonna Kelly (mail art project/camera obscura), Karen Madden (fiber and metal work), Karen Presser (painting/photography), and Bill Prickett (iPhonography/3D photography).

The Akin Library has recently received an overhaul by Executive Director Matthew Hogan. The newly uncluttered main floor of the late Victorian building will set the scene for the exhibit. 

November 3
Lonna Kelly 

Inspired by the mail art of Robert Johnson I solved a problem – how do I do more with my photographs?I’ve embraced mail art, generating a participatory collaboration when I invite friends and strangers to be directly involved in the creative process, no longer observers but co-creators. Creativity and imagination abounds as friends and strangers contribute their vision. A fascination with the Camera Obscura has led to efforts to recreate the process and I hope to have one on view at the Akin for my talk

November 10
Donna Castelluccio

I have a need to be creative, fostered by my grandmother, and so my journey has taken me many places. My art is a little different & eclectic, visually interesting. My works include wall hangings, fabric books, clothing, purses and more. Presently I mostly do fabric collage using vintage materials but I veer into other mediums as inspiration strikes. 

November 10
Karen Madden 

I like the challenge of learning how to work with different materials.   For a long time my passion has been working with fiber.  But recently I discovered working with metal to be creatively stimulating with a new set of tools, techniques and challenges to learn about. Both mediums, because of the nature of the materials, provide me with artistic satisfaction.  I will be talking about the challenges of working with a new medium, while gratifying my fiber passion.

November 17
Rick Gilstad

Being a consummate collector of fine art, half of my house has become a museum, a studio and an amusement park. Being self taught, I have learned how to paint without a brush, create on a whim and maybe make you smile without ever meeting you. Join me for my take on things.

November 17
Bill Prickett 

My focus is Producing…I love creating, making and playing and I make it a point to be a rookie at something all the time. I’ve been a Pre & Post Producer & Music Supervisor by profession and a Student of User Experience, Fine Art, Digital Art, and Mixed Martial Arts as a passion. I’ll be talking about iPhoneography and 360 photography.

November 24
Karen Presser

Dreams, lost images and memories are the gateway to creating art. And, art transports us into the realm of dreams to see the world anew. In simplest terms, art is a means to feel as we recognize ourselves in the folds of the work. Art offers the freedom to examine life in a non-linear manner.These works comprise the space between inner and outer realms. What occurs when images merge with one another? When doorways become pathways to clouds, gardens or fantastical light? 

November 24
Shelley Dell

I make images with watercolors and colored pencils on paper. Catching moments of beauty, observing sunlight as it changes and passes through and around objects is a fascinating thing to observe and try to catch on paper. When I am successful at making an image I’ve caught a moment in time. My talk will be about why I go to so much trouble to make paintings that look like photographs, and the choices that I make in composing an image.